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Chicago Maritime Arts Center is Dedicated to Chicago’s Youth!


ENCOURAGING KIDS to find themselves and new opportunities for their lives through teamwork, learning new skills and tool use, culminating in a sense of accomplishment and increased self-esteem.  Introducing many of them to the Chicago River and Lake Michigan for the first time, and exploring marine ecology with them, helps instill a deeper sense of community.


OUR VISION is aiding in the development of youth and enhancement of their lives, by providing unique, fun opportunities and experiential learning, and opening new pathways through expanded experiences, maritime arts, boat building creativity, water and safety, community participation, and getting to know their beautiful City better.


HANDS ON GUIDANCE is offered to each and every program and camp participant ages 11-17.  We conduct goal-based projects to encourage teamwork and communication and spur initiative.  These experiences foster interpersonal development, STEM, and life skills while encouraging water recreation, planet stewardship, creativity, and alternative vocational opportunities to broaden the horizon of each child.  Over 60% of people are visual learners.  Kids benefit from a reminder that while book learning is important, industrial arts and life skills hold importance as well.  Our programs and camps are designed to impart the basic life skills families and schools offer.




Captain Toby Lindo, Captain, Robert Allan II

ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR – Mariners In Training Program
Rob North
Teacher, Carpenter



Ted Cartner

Grant Crowley
Crowley’s Yacht Yard

Joe Rickard


Gail Spreen
Sr VP of Sales
Jameson Sotheby’s International Realty, Streeterville Properties Group


In addition to our dedicated leadership listed above, many of whom have been working diligently in
furtherance of CMAC’s mission since inception, CMAC owes a debt of gratitude to the following notable
individuals who helped launch CMAC:

Tom Besore
Attorney, Urban Planner, Real Estate Broker

Dan Martin
Managing Director, Marketing & Feasibility Advisors

Patrick McBriarty
Author, Historian

Mary West
Designer, Architect, Landscape Architect

Richard Wilson
Director of Urban Design & Planning, Adrian Smith & Gordon Gill Architecture


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