With SARS-Cov2 we have modified these programs to include safe distancing and have substituted individual projects such as wood tool boxes, knot tying & knot board, and balsa wood Bevin's Skiff models, and others while also using our existing fleet of Bevin's Skiffs to provide participants with on-the-water experience, boating safety, rowing, and paddling skills.


Learn teamwork, basic wood-working skills and STEM skills used not only in boat building, but in every day life. Discover the career opportunities available in such fields as carpentry, composite construction, marine systems (mechanical, electrical, plumbing), marine transportation, recreational boating and marine ecology as well as many others! Engaging students in the boatbuilding process with Chicago Maritime Arts Center is a great process for youths to learn, practice, and apply academic concepts, as well as skill and working with others, in a unique and  hands-on environment that stimulates learning.

While building boats, students learn STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) skills, as they follow building plans, use specialized tools and materials, and solve problems. Whether applying techniques of angle and length measurements, or understanding material properties to construct a seaworthy, durable boat, students have the chance to learn and develop a variety of hands-on skills and experience.  Projects are individualized to challenge students of middle or high school age, no matter their academic level and developmental stage.  Boatbuilding is an unconventional, yet unique way, of engaging ALL students, teaching tool and life skills they can use throughout their lives independent of success in more traditional classroom settings.

The cost per participant for CMAC Boat Building programs is $500, however, scholarships up to $450 are offered. Prior to the start of the program, a registered participant may submit a short essay explaining why they wish to participate in the program and state that they are without sufficient funds to pay the program costs.

The cost per participant for the CMAC Boating Skills/Marine Ecology program is $250, however scholarships up to $200 are offered, prior to the start of the program, if a registered participant expresses financial need and submits a short essay on why they wish to participate in the program. 

A “Participant Release and Indemnification Consent, Medical Release, Liability and Photo Release” form must be completed prior to the start of the program.  CLICK HERE to download.

We look forward to having your teen involved in our upcoming Chicago Maritime Arts Center program!

​To register you can download a pdf version here.