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In 2022, CMAC added this exciting new program! Working with a dozen students from Bowen High School, the program included 30 hours of intensive training, including CPR, proper use of fire extinguishers, on-water boating experience, knot tying, and use of life jackets.


With the assistance of CMAC’s Executive Director, Captain Toby Lindo, the program was led by CMAC’s Associate Director, Rob North. Rob is a teacher, sailor, finish carpenter, prior active duty marine, and star of his own home improvement show. Following CMAC’s inaugural MIT program, two participants were hired full time by Chicago tour boat companies, and several others are looking forward to jobs when they turn 18 this year.


CMAC enthusiastically worked to expand the program for 2023 to include swimming instruction, and orientation to varying maritime careers, including the exhilarating opportunities offered by our US Coast Guard. We are pleased to offer a program focused on helping students manage the transition to full time work. In developing this program, CMAC has had the exceptional support of Chicago Public Schools, Ship Masters' International, and tour boat companies, who hire several hundred employees annually.

chicago mariners in training.jpg

We can’t wait to see the smile on your child’s face!

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