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Welcome & Class Information

We are looking forward to having your kids this season and opening our family to yours. Below you will find all the information you need to prepare for participation in our instruction. If you have any additional questions,  please contact:


Personal flotation devices (PFD) will be provided and properly fitted to students and staff whenever we are on the docks, piers, in a boat, or near the water. Each PFD is U.S. Coast Guard approved and set for the individual’s size and weight.  CMAC will instruct each student in the proper ways to wear, maintain, and use a PFD.  Safety with all our equipment is a number one priority for CMAC


Shoes are required at all times for students and must cover the toes and encircle the feet. Shoes may be regular tennis shoes, light water shoes, or deck sneakers. This requirement applies to students for on-land activities as well as on-the-water time.  At times we can allow sandals, so students can bring these along for Boating Skills classes.

Students should bring, have on hand, and wear adequate sunblock and/or an adequate long sleeve sun shirt, a hat, and sunglasses when conditions are appropriate. Students are asked to have and apply their own sunblock. It's suggested you also bring a water bottle and drink adequate water to prevent dehydration.


Closed-toe shoes

Comfortable fitting shirt and bottoms - that can get dirty or wet

Refillable water bottle 

Adequate sunblock and/or an adequate sun shirt

Hat and sunglasses

Towel and possible dry clothes

Cooler Weather Gear - Layers if weather requires 

CMAC will manage and supervise students during all class times. Students are requested to be dropped off and picked up on time. Due to instructor-to-student ratios and safety standards, students cannot bring a friend to class except for pre-planned arrangements.  

Each location has different parking, access and drop off points. Look for CMAC staff and additional information that will be provided on where to drop students for each program.


CMAC offers scholarships in the form of tuition assistance, awarded to students on a needs basis. The goal is to get as many people on the water and teach the additional wood working skills we treasure. We want to thank the many organizations that assist with our scholarships. CLICK HERE for the scholarship application.

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